Greenheat Stoves

Wood burning stoves

Stovax &Gazco

From period charm to contemporary style . 
Specialising in a diverse range of high-quality wood burning & multi-fuel stoves. With Stovax & Gazco, you’ll find the perfect fit.


The Lotus range of wood burning stoves and fires has been created in close cooperation between Architect Kaare Sølvsten, technicians and suppliers from all over the world.


Nordpeis’ focus on eco-friendly designs means that many of their products burn so cleanly they meet future Ecodesign air quality standards.


Varde is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of high-efficiency wood burning stoves, focused on combining functionality, quality materials and designer aesthetics.


Heat in style while saving. Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are the ideal solution to reap all the pleasurable benefits of a fire, combined with the most modern techniques